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Dekishima Swim Area
Dekishima Swim Area Picture
     Located on the western side of the Tsugaru Penninsula, Dekishima Swim Area lies among the sand hills that run along the Sea of Japan. Standing on the beach and surrounded by 10-meter-tall cliffs, one can feel the immense strength of ocean.
     The cliffs of the area are also very unique, containing a thirty-centimeter-thick strip of peat, the remains of 28,000-year-old preserved trees. While the trees found in the area today are largely broad-leaved trees, such as beech trees, the preserved trees consist of conifer trees, such as Japanese spruces and larch trees.
     During the summer, this swim area is popular with families and has both restroom and shower facilities.

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Parking Lot Spaces: 80 Open-Swim : Middle of July through late August
Outhouse: 1 Shower: 1 (Free; no hot water)
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