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Hot Springs

     Natural hot springs, or "onsen" in Japanese, abound throughout Tsugaru City and are a great way to relax the body and mind. Once public bathing places, they have transformed into important tourism destinations. Onsen come in many varieties, such as indoor and outdoor baths, each with a unique mix of mineral contents that are believed to have healing powers. The baths are usually separated by gender and nude bathing is the norm. While shampoo, conditioner and body soap are sometimes included in the entry fee, it is advisable to bring your own, along with a couple of towels. If you forget, you can always buy some at the front counter.

Shako-chan Hot Spring Outside Picture Shako-chan Onsen
Shariki Wellness Center and Hot Spring Outside Picture Shariki Wellness Center and Onsen Joppari Hot Spring Outside Picture Joppari Onsen
Tsugaru Earth Village (Fujiyamatei) Outside Picture Chikyu Mura (Fujiyamatei) Kagetsutei Inagaki Hot Springs Hotel Outside Bath Picture Kagetsutei Inagaki Onsen Hotel Oraho Hot Spring Outside Picture Oraho No Yu
Kashiwa Roman-Sou Japanese Style Room Accomodation Picture Kashiwa Roman-Sou Inaho no Yu Photo Inaho no Yu Inaho-Ikōi Village Picture Inaho-Ikoi Village

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