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International Exchange:
(1.) The Cheseborough
Cheseborough Ship Picture
The Cheseborough

     On the early morning of October 30, 1889, the Cheseborough, a merchant vessel built in Bath, Maine, met with a violent windstorm and tragically crashed 300 meters off the coast of former Shariki Village (now Tsugaru City). The fishermen of the village discovered the wrecked ship and desperately worked to save the sailors, fighting winds of 60 meters per second. Miraculously, four of the 23 sailors were saved. The rescued sailors were offered food, clothing and shelter as the villagers endeavored to nurse them back to health. Three days later, the sailors were able to return back to the United States safely.
     The Cheseborough is a story of courage and love that supercedes national borders. It continues to be told in Tsugaru City today and forms the basis of the international friendship and sister city relationship between Bath, Maine and Tsugaru City.

International Exchange
(2.) Mutual Exchange Program
      The mutual exchange program between the sister cities of Bath and Tsugaru City was established in 1990 to commemorate the Cheseborough shipwreck and rescue and has continued ever since. Participants deepen friendship, goodwill, and mutual understanding while sightseeing, conducting cultural exchange activities, and staying with a host family over a two-week period. The visitors from Bath participate in the Cheseborough Cup, a swim relay competition whose goal is to swim the 10,200-meter distance between Tsugaru City and Bath.
     The mutual exchange program is organized through Tsugaru City Hall and the Bath-Tsugaru Sister City Program, a non-profit organization in Bath. Please visit the Bath-Tsugaru Sister City Program's website for more information about the program and Bath, Maine by clicking here .
Picture of Visitors from Bath at Hirosaki Castle Picture of Tsugaru City and Bath Students at Popham Beach in Maine
Visitors from Bath Visit Hirosaki Castle
Tsugaru City and Bath Students at Popham Beach in Maine

International Exchange
3.) Exchange Events
      Throughout the year, Tsugaru City holds several internationally themed events. These events are put on by the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) participants who live in the city, currently three assistant language teachers (ALTs) and one coordinator for international relations (CIR). Events range from cooking seminars to sports and discussions. If you would like to participate, please contact us.
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