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Joppari Onsen
Joppari Hot Spring Outside Picture
     Located at the foot of Mt. Iwaki in the middle of the Tsugaru Plain, Joppari Onsen is the public hot spring for the Kashiwa area of Tsugaru City. It features an eye-catchingly colorful exterior and hot spring water that heats up the body and soothes away tiredness. It is an ideal place to enjoy the changing Tsugaru scenery.

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Water Qualities: Sodium/Sodium Chloride (Controls perspiration after bathing and improves body's ability to retain heat)
Facilities: Indoor Baths (Hot and Warm), Jacuzzi, Waterfall Shower, Sauna, Cold Bath
Business Hours: 9:00 - 21:00
Days Closed: The first and third Monday of every month
Price: Adults:320 yen, Elementary and Under:150 yen, Infants:60 yen
Phone Number: 0173-25-2390(Japanese Only)
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