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Tsugaru Chikyu Mura
Tsugaru Earth Village Amphitheatre Picture
      Tsugaru Chikyu Mura is a resort facility built around five different themes (see below). The resort has everything from a sauna and hot springs (including a rotenburo, or open-air hot spring bath) to a roofed amphitheatre that holds 5,000 people. There is also a sports area that is sure to please the entire family, including playground equipment, an outdoor sumo ring, tennis courts and basketball courts. Adding to that is an auto campground, which holds 111 cars, with showers and kitchen facilities available for use as well.

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Phone Number: 0173-26-2855(Japanese only)
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Tsugaru Earth Village Amphitheatre Village Country of Inspiration (5,000-Person Outdoor Amphitheatre)
     From concerts and sporting events to international folk dance shows, this amphitheatre is home to a wide variety of entertainment performances. Built in the image of the Roman Colosseum, this outdoor amphitheatre holds 5,000 people and is the only such concert venue in all of the Tohoku region of Japan.
Tsugaru Earth Village Hot Spring Picture Country of Relaxtion (Hot Spring Lodging Facilities - Fujiyamatei)
     Log-cabin-style cottages and Japanese and Western-style room accomodations are available for a comfortable and relaxing vacation. The cottages are fully furnished with refridgerators, bathing facilities, and microwaves. Also, there are hot spring facilities, which can be used for day trips or during overnight stays.

Cottage Rates: Two Cottages (12 people total): 22,050 yen; Two Cottages (8 people total): 14,700 yen; One Cottage (2 people total): 12,600 yen; 3,150 yen for each extra person
・(Hot Spring fee not included; 14:00 check-in, 11:00 checkout)
Hotel Room Rates: Western-Style Room (2 or more people) 5,775 yen per person; Japanese-Style Room (13 square-meter room):4,200 yen per person; Japanese-Style Room (16.5 square-meter room for three or more people): 4,725 yen per person
・(Hot Spring fee included; 14:00 check-in, 11:00 checkout)
Tsugaru Earth Village Cottage Picture Outdoor Country (Auto Campground)
      With a panoramic view of Iwaki Mountain, this spacious auto campground holds 111 vehicles. With restroom, shower and kitchen facilities, it is the perfect place to enjoy nature.
Entry Fee: Adults: 525 yen; Children (Elementary School): 263 yen
Camp Space Fee: General Space: 525 yen; General Space with Air-Conditioner Power Supply: 2,100 yen; Trailor Space: 1,050 yen; Trailor Space with Air-Conditioner Power Supply: 3,150 yen
・(Hot Spring fee not included; 13:00 check-in, 11:00 checkout)
Tsugaru Earth Village Tennis Courts Picture Sports Country (Outdoor Sports Facilities)
      With a miniature golf course, sumo ring, and tennis and basketball courts, these outdoor sports facilities are something that cannot be found in the cramped fitness clubs of large cities. With something for everyone, this is great for a day with friends or family.
Tsugaru Earth Village Playground Picture Country of Fun (Playground)
      The large variety of playground equipment is sure to bring a smile to both children and adults' faces.
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