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Shariki Wellness Center and Onsen
Shariki Hot Springs and Wellness Center Outside Picture
     Located next to the Tsugaru City Hall Shariki Branch Office, Shariki Wellness Center and Onsen features spacious bathing facilities and a variety of baths. Built around the concept "Surrounded by steam: carefree, comfortable and refreshed," this facilty has something for everyone and emphasizes having fun while raising health awareness.

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Water Qualities: Sodium/Sodium Chloride (Controls perspiration after bathing and improves body's ability to retain heat)
Facilities: Indoor Baths (Hot and Warm), Medicinal Bath, Cypress Bath, Lying Bath, Waterfall Shower, Sauna, Cold Bath
Business Hours: 8:00 - 21:00
Days Closed: Mondays except for when Monday is a national holiday. (If Monday is a national holiday, closed instead on Tuesday.)
Price: Adults:320 yen, Elementary and Under:150 yen, Infants:60 yen
Phone Number: 0173-56-4126(Japanese only)
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